How to Get the Best Sleep Ever

When the summer season starts coming to an end, you might notice that your sleeping habits still suffer. Even as the temperature cools and the nights get longer, your energy levels are a bit off when the seasons change. Here are some helpful tips for getting better sleep in the fall season.

Cut Back on Stimulants Before Bed

This is a terrible habit that far too many people do without realizing it harms their ability to get good sleep. Stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, and sugar can keep you energized well after bedtime. Start skipping the candy bar in the afternoon, dessert after dinner, and coffee or tea before bed, and you should hopefully be on your way to more restful nights.

Turn Everything Off Before Bed

For people who tend to wake up multiple times a night, the problem might not be falling asleep but staying asleep and getting back to sleep. This might be from your TV, phone, and other electronics all night long. Even if your TV goes off automatically after a certain period, it could keep you from getting deep sleep in the first couple of hours before that happens. Some people even have disrupted sleep just from the lights in front of the cable box, so you may need to cover it at night to avoid this distraction.

Stop Using Your Phone at Night

Like turning your TV off, you also want to keep your phone turned off if possible. If you use it for an alarm, consider turning it upside down or switching to a standard alarm clock for your nightstand.

People have gotten into the habit of checking their phone every time they wake up, but that means you see all your notifications, which can alert your mind and keep you thinking about it for far too long. Turn your phone off if you can.

Find a Relaxing Pre-Bed Activity

If you are still too energetic before bed, think of a quiet and relaxing activity that helps you to get tired before bed. This might be reading a book, taking a hot bath, listening to soft music while turning on your essential oil diffuser, or a creative activity like using an adult coloring book. These are simple to add to your nighttime routine and make a big difference.

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