Benefits of Going Organic

You may have heard the advice that you should eat more organic food, but why? It isn’t just about using fewer pesticides, though that is definitely high on the list. Here are some different reasons why using organic food as much as possible can be good for you and your family.

Fewer Pesticides in Your Food

Of course, the first reason you want to choose as much organic food as possible is that it won’t use any pesticides or other toxins that are not necessary. When you buy organic food, it is first grown without fertilizers or insecticides. This is also why organic produce tends to go bad faster than regular produce, but that’s a good thing! With processed or pre-packaged foods, organic options will have fewer additives and preservatives that really don’t need to be there.

You Are More Encouraged to Eat Your Produce

Because fresh produce tends to go rancid quickly, buying organic and spending more on high-quality stuff will further encourage you to use it before it goes bad. This is going to give you multiple benefits. First of all, you will eat healthier because you want to use up all that produce that was likely more expensive. Plus, you save money because you eat more of your product instead of just letting it go to waste and throwing your money in the garbage.

Animals Are Treated More Humanely

Organic products from animal sources, like milk, eggs, cheese, beef, and pork, will also mean the animals were treated more humanely. The cows and chickens are fed hormones, the animals are typically grass and pasture-fed, and the chickens also have more room to roam. This is wonderful for the environment, and buying organic eggs and meat also means it is more likely to come from small, neighborhood farms, letting you know you are supporting your local communities.

Fewer Ingredients

With organic pre-packaged and processed foods, you aren’t going to have as many additives. This means far fewer artificial colors and flavors and more ingredients you recognize. Flip to the back of an organic soup can, and you will notice ingredients like broth, vegetables, broiled chicken, herbs, and pieces. A regular can of soup has a lot of ingredients you probably can’t even pronounce, plus a lot of added salt and preservatives to keep it fresher longer.

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